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    Hibiscus Flowers

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    Chamomile Flowers

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    Calendula Flowers

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    Mint Leaves

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    Rosemary Leaves

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    Marjoram Leaves

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    Anise Seeds

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    Cumin Seeds

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    Nigella Seeds


AGRIDEV Company for agricultural development has been established with members having as least 20 years of experience in the agricultural field, besides those members have special inspirations of obtaining distinctive marketable area for international markets seeking the Egyptian agricultural products of high quality.

AGRIDEV Company also alms to reclaim and plant approximated 200 hundred acres of Herbs and Aromatic Plants, following the modern agricultural methods and the techniques of practicing good cultivation (Global GAP).

Since ancient times, the Egyptians have shown their remarkable skills with herbs. Ancient Papyrus scrolls have reference to over 700 herbal remedies, including herbs like caraway seeds, marjoram, spearmint, parsley, calendula, hibiscus and anise.

Herbs can be considered to provide the highest quality of food to humans as it contains the needed vitamins, trace and minerals for a balanced body. The ancient Egyptians also used simple remedies, but were very effective.

Many years have passed since then, but Egypt is still known for planning high quality herbs in the form of seeds, flowers and leaves. Since Pharaonic times, Upper Egypt has been most famous for herbs and spice cultivation.


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