dried onion
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Dried Onion

Dehydrated onion with all size Bold Cut, Rings, Slices, Kibbled, Chopped, Minced, Granules, Powder, Toasted, etc. also we can produce special cuts and special packing) containing very low bacteriological results. Rings ( large cut ), slice granule, kibbled, mince, flakes and powder. Standard and commercial quality. All colors of white, yellow and red can be supplied. Size, 5x5mm, 10x10mm, 8-120 mesh. Slice, 3-5mm. Granule, […]

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Dried Tomatoes

We supply Sun Dried Tomatoes from  Upper Egypt. Conventional or organic certified sun dried tomatoes are ready to ship for you in full container or in pallet quantities. If  you require special production or packaging, please get in touch with us. Type: With / without salt or sulphur, half cut   Tomatoes cut in half […]

dried lemon 2
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Dried Lemon

We supply dried lemon, Yellow and Black  *Packaging : 15kg paper bags or 20kg polypropylene bags. *Shipping Method : 20ft containers (6 Metric Tons) 40ft containers (13 Metric Tons).